It’s Gin-TASTIC!

Wow… This semester has just flown by so quickly!

It seems only yesterday that I was heading to my first class at the start of January, and now we are moving on to April which means rapping up final projects…


One project that I finished a while ago was for a bottle of Gin.

The task was to create a structural packaging design for a product that is very delicate/breakable. For example, my prof suggested using a lightbulb, wineglass, shot glass, etc.

I decided on Gin for one reason: I was in the LCBO and found the smallest/cheapest bottle I could find.

So, here are my final images of what my package design looks like:

Gin Packaging

Now its time for a Gin and Tonic ๐Ÿ™‚


This semester has been… CRAY CRAY!!!

New projects weekly, new learning experiences, new experiments, and definitely new finished pieces! I now have a new piece that I especially like: my scorpion.

Here was the brief I received in my Communication: Surface, Object, Space class:


in this project, we will apply serial plane concepts and the principles of design to the creation of a foam core board 3D form using additive and subtractive methods.


Upon successful completion of the project, students will have the knowledge and ability to:

  1. Define a basic vocabulary of elements, principles and processes relevant to three dimensional form;
  2. Define material properties and their relationship to specific tools, processes and craft practices;
  3. Engage relevant processes of form manipulation and representation between two and three dimensions;
  4. Employ appropriate tools and techniques to execute and inform the generation of material outcomes;
  5. Document systematic, iterative process through appropriate photographic and verbal reflection.


Create a three-dimensional abstract or representational form that is a minimum of 12″x12″x12″ using white or black foam core board.

This form can be free standing, hanging or mounted on a base (the design of the base should enhance the created form).

Incorporate repetition and gradation of size and/or shape.

Ideally, you will include in some area of your design an opening to reveal the interior space construction, and in this way, explore the positive and negative space possibilities within your design.

Note that the edges of the foam core will create lines, the layering of the planes will create a volume with positive and negative space, and natural and artificial light will create gradation and shadows. Use these factors to your advantage.


I decided to create a scorpion, following the criteria above, and photograph it.



image3 image2 image5 image6 image1

and there you go ๐Ÿ™‚


Valentine’s and Reading Week

This week is Reading Week; the week-long break most university students have during 2nd semester to take time to relax.

Well… that is the theory…

Really, at OCAD i find, reading week is when professors think “Oh my students have a week off! Let’s give them extra work because they have time!”

… WTF??!!

I think I can speak on behalf of the OCAD student body thatย this idea is S.T.U.P.I.D. considering the school got a bad rep last fall about more than half the students were depressed or had some other mental health issue…

Not really a good idea to create more stress is it??

Anyways, the day that started Reading Week, surprisingly, was Valentine’s Day. In retrospect, Valentine’s was perfect timing this year; starts on reading week, was on a Friday… therefore very ideal for couples to express their love to one another (or singles to buy discounted chocolate for the weekend to drown their loneliness…).

This year I was not a loner on Valentine’s…

Yes… I had a date ๐Ÿ™‚


It Begins Again

Tomorrow is the start of winter semester at OCAD…


This gif pretty much shows how my day is going to go tomorrow… (granted I can actually jump pretty high thank you very much!)

All my courses should be okay except for this English course I have to take. I am not looking forward to the classes ahead mainly because of what I read from the syllabus.

Basically, I have to write a research paper about education. Now, probably a scholarly english expert would chuckle at the thought of writing a paper like this, but for me it’s no laughing matter.

But, we shall see how it goes!

Wish me luck!

Elements of Design


I haven’t written a post in FOREVER!!!! I feel so bad for not adding another post sooner, but uni life is just so busy ๐Ÿ™‚

What have I learned at OCADU so far? Well, lots of things, but probably the most important thing would be the elements of design:

  • dot
  • line
  • plane
  • texture
  • volume
  • space
  • colour
  • can’t remember the last one…ย 

Using the first elements of design (dot, line, plane) we had to create an image using each element.ย 

This is what I did:

(This was made in Illustrator)


Laptops, Fantasies, and Rice Cookers??

I have been fantasizing about my first-year experience lately. Some of my friends are already making shopping trips to IKEA and Canadian Tire for the basic necessities needed their rooms and for just general survival. One of my best friends is even taking the extremes and sneaking a rice cooker into her room! Me? You ask? I won’t be needing to make those trips to IKEA and whatever and sneaking rice cookers anywhere (where do you even buy a rice cooker??). I will have to make a stop at a mall of some description to purchase new clothes because when you go to a private school for most of your life, the school uniform takes a prominent spot in the closet. Nevertheless, the only important purchases that need to be made for my “room” will be my TTC Student Pass and my new LAPTOP! To make things more clear, I am going into first-year Graphic Design at OCAD University so that basically explains why I’m not making those trips like my friends. However, the trip to get my new LAPTOP may just be the most important one of all!

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Let me explain.

I have a soft-spot for good working Apple Products. For those with PCs, you may turn your nose into the air and think whatever you like. Apple is just pure awesome! So, you could understand my constant nagging about my new laptop, considering my current 6-year-old MacBook is about to die. This lead to my sisters rolling their eyes and hoping I would just shut up about my new computer. I would give my dad a sorrowful look like my puppy died and he would just roll his eyes. No matter what, getting my new computer was a slow slow process.

Luckily, though, I have determined which kind of computer I would like in my possession. It is the new Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It is light like the MacBook Air and as resolution screen of 2880 x 1800 pixels, which is a pretty damn good screen. I, in early June, went to OCAD for a workshop to help me register my courses and there was a booth available to ask questions about computers. I spent about most of my time discussing with a worker in the OCAD store about which computer I should buy. He, inevitably, said this new MacBook Pro would be the best choice for a Graphic Design student as myself.

So, when I finally convinced my dad to drive me to OCAD to get my computer, I found out that the exact type of computer I wanted to purchase was all gone. OUT OF STOCK! My worst fear came true! More waiting!

Now that my new laptop is on order and I expect it to arrive in the next week or 2, I definitely feel that the wait will be so worth it. I now feel like my friend with the rice cooker simply because I need this for my room next year.



rice cooker


I’m sure that not many people have heard about OCADU before. Honestly, I didn’t know about it until I was in grade 10 in art class. My teacher handed out these Contact magazines for photography and I flipped through to a page about the university. From that point, my interest in the school increased.


The Ontario College of Art and Design University was established in 1878 and is currently a very well-known art and design school in Toronto. With three faculties, art, design and liberal studies, it offers creative freedom and training into a specialized field of study. For example, the faculty of design incorporates advertising, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, environmental design, and Material Arts and Design (MAaD for short). when my classmates heard about this, some were jealous because it was so specific, even for first year.

The reason why I decided to apply to be a student at OCADU is because the programs there are very specific and very competitive. Not only would I be learning in a creative environment, but also a competitive one to really push myself in the program. I did consider going to York University for the same type of program, but it was another factor that swayed my decision: the student body and professors. I’m not saying anything negative about York because it is a great school; just not the one for me. I felt at home at OCAD and found the new students very friendly and eager to be there. The professors were insightful and encouraged forming relationships between prof and student. I felt relieved hearing this because I know that I would have to ask or help if I need it, so hearing that they were willing to form that connection increased my love for the school more.

I am very excited to begin my first semester at OCAD University! For anyone who wants to apply to a school for anything in the arts or design, OCAD is definitely a school to consider!