HitRECord – A Target Hit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one incredible DUDE!! Not only does he act in ridiculously amazing films, he has also created a collaborative production company called HitRecord.

HitRECord is an online community for artists, videographers, musicians, and anyone in between to submit their work and have other people “remix” their stuff.

Not sure what I mean by that? Watch the first episode of HitRECord on TV and see for yourself 🙂

New Girl

Last summer, I made a blog post about my Black Swan alter ego drawing I completed for my Grade 12 Art class. Now, after much thought and watching of tv, I have discovered in myself another alter ego…

Jess from the show New Girl

Jess from New Girl

With her bubbly, off-beat personality (as well as her outfits), I can see similar traits within myself.
With that being said, today I got my hair done and decided to get bangs! (Funnily enough, sort of the same as Jess’s…)

So, here is me being the New Girl!

New Girl

And there you have it! Maybe I’ll discover more alter egos… I seem to be getting them mainly from watching tv… good excuse to turn on the tube if you ask me 🙂