You know in my previous post that I recently finished a poster for the Toronto Zoo featuring a macaw parrot? Well, I thought I would share some of my preliminary drawings on here. 

For homework, my professor wanted me to draw 11 different drawings of an animal of choice. Here is the list of drawings he asked for:

1. Representational (detailed, full colour)

2. Black, white, gray

3. Black-white simplified

4. Silhouette curved

5. Silhouette geometrical

6. Collage

7. Experimental

8.Linear (black-white)

9. Linear (colour)

10. Dotted drawing (black-white)

11. Dotted drawing (colour)


I won’t put all the drawings on here, but here are a few of the best ones.


Drawing Assignment

Finally finished my first assignment of the year!!!!!!!! (yes we have already been working lol)

So basically, my class was instructed to make a poster for the Toronto Zoo, incorporating a stylized animal of our choice. So, I decided to use a macaw parrot and this is what my poster looks like:

Toronto Zoo Poster


I wonder if the Toronto Zoo would like to use this poster… hmm…