Time to Reflect

Now that summer is here, I should really take the time to look back on my first year. To put simply, time to reflect.

From just witnessing other peers in my class when the teacher suggests to write a reflection on an experience, there are often an array of reactions: cringing, complaining, rage, throwing of papers, etc.



Clearly, reflecting is not a past-time people would willingly commit to on their own accord.

However, if I may put bluntly, reflection is necessary and should be made part of a weekly practise (now I’m sounding like a reflectionist).

If I have to say something positive about my first year at OCAD University, I would completely list off many many aspects. Here are a few things:

  • meeting my newly found best friends
  • getting %80 on my animal poster
  • learning what i want to learn
  • getting %90 on my art history midterm

that is just a slice of my awesome year at OCAD!


^party dance

Although this seemingly awesome year went pretty well, there were a few set backs. I need to tighten up my organizational skills and time management.

There is next year so I will apply what I know now to then.

In the meantime, I will be exercising to tone up and be working at Manulife Financial.

More still to come 🙂

(Minor) Alice in Wonderland


I don’t think I have mentioned this important information in any of my posts so I’m just going to go ahead and reveal my exciting news:

I have signed up to take a minor!!

The minor I will try to complete is Communication Design, which involves all the 2D areas: Graphic Design, Advertising, and Illustration. Since I’m already majoring in Graphic Design, I am going to be focusing on the Advertising and Illustration courses. I am quite exhilarated to start, although my workload will be HORRENDOUS!! Oh well, Art for Art’s Sake right?

Also, since I will be taking Illustration courses, I thought I would briefly practise my skills with this quick illustration of Alice in Wonderland.


More to come soon 🙂

Drawing in Large

Drawing #1

I have always been called a drawer. Even at a young age, teachers and fellow classmates have admired my pictures and early talents. I have won contests, like drawing a bookmark contest held by the Toronto Public Library and design a button contest at my school twice. My talents have also come in handy for making people cards and gifts, helping with school activities and projects, and for pure enjoyment. Lately, though, I have been busy with something quite challenging.

As part of my final project in Art class, I decided to take the ambitious route of drawing in large scale. The image I am drawing, is one with many small details and very ridiculous hair. I decided to use a picture off the internet and photoshopped my face into the image. It looks like I’m actually in the photo.

When it comes to drawing, what helps is to navigate the lights from the darks and work from there. Also, I am drawing this completely upside down so i can focus on the shapes and forms and not how good it looks. It’s hard to draw yourself, so this method makes the process much easier and less time consuming.

The final product will be 40 x 60inches and all drawn in pencil. So far, I have completed the face, hair, and part of the garment. When beginning this project, I initially wanted to draw three portraits, but now I see that it would have been impossible to complete.

I’m glad people recognize me for the work I produce. It gives me something to look forward to each project and drawing in my spare time.