Hey Everyone!

This past Wednesday was December 25 aka Christmas; probably the one day a year that I can ask for anything that I want. In all honesty, I had a difficult time deciding on the gifts I wanted to receive from my family, mainly because I was pretty content with what I already had. Finally, I crafted a short list of items, including a Wacom Inkling.

What is an Inkling you ask?

Just watch this video:

Pretty cool right?

Well, on Christmas, this is one of the gifts I got from my family and it is quite INCREDIBLE!!!

Here’s the step by step of how it works:

  1. Sketch with pen and place receiver at the top of your page.
  2. Connect receiver to computer and import drawing
  3. Do whatever you want!
    ImageSo that is how it works!

Drawing in Large

Drawing #1

I have always been called a drawer. Even at a young age, teachers and fellow classmates have admired my pictures and early talents. I have won contests, like drawing a bookmark contest held by the Toronto Public Library and design a button contest at my school twice. My talents have also come in handy for making people cards and gifts, helping with school activities and projects, and for pure enjoyment. Lately, though, I have been busy with something quite challenging.

As part of my final project in Art class, I decided to take the ambitious route of drawing in large scale. The image I am drawing, is one with many small details and very ridiculous hair. I decided to use a picture off the internet and photoshopped my face into the image. It looks like I’m actually in the photo.

When it comes to drawing, what helps is to navigate the lights from the darks and work from there. Also, I am drawing this completely upside down so i can focus on the shapes and forms and not how good it looks. It’s hard to draw yourself, so this method makes the process much easier and less time consuming.

The final product will be 40 x 60inches and all drawn in pencil. So far, I have completed the face, hair, and part of the garment. When beginning this project, I initially wanted to draw three portraits, but now I see that it would have been impossible to complete.

I’m glad people recognize me for the work I produce. It gives me something to look forward to each project and drawing in my spare time.