You know in my previous post that I recently finished a poster for the Toronto Zoo featuring a macaw parrot? Well, I thought I would share some of my preliminary drawings on here. 

For homework, my professor wanted me to draw 11 different drawings of an animal of choice. Here is the list of drawings he asked for:

1. Representational (detailed, full colour)

2. Black, white, gray

3. Black-white simplified

4. Silhouette curved

5. Silhouette geometrical

6. Collage

7. Experimental

8.Linear (black-white)

9. Linear (colour)

10. Dotted drawing (black-white)

11. Dotted drawing (colour)


I won’t put all the drawings on here, but here are a few of the best ones.


Drawing Up a Storm

Today, I had my drawing class in the morning at 8:30am. Not only is the prof extremely tough when it comes to marking and critiquing, but the whole concept of drawing is a challenge in itself. Although I’m passing the class with a 70% average, I still want to improve my skills.

The exercise in class was to draw the male model (not nude thankfully. I don’t have a problem with a nude guy or anything, I was just not in the mood to draw that…) clothed and draw a hand.

The hand drawing was quite complex because not only did I have to include the shading of the flesh, I had to visualize the structure of the bones in the hand and include that in the drawing!!!! Thankfully, he drew an example on the chalkboard so I basically copied that into my drawing.

Here’s what the final drawing looked like:


This was done on newsprint and drawn with charcoal.

Next week, I think we will be drawing portraits, which I’m very excited about!!