Pinning and RePinning

You may be wondering what the title of my post means today. Maybe I’m pinning up some clothes on a laundry line because the dryer is not working. OR I’m pinning up random posters of really attractive male celebrities in my room.

Well, none of these are true (although I wish I could pin up posters of attractive celebrities in my room but whatever).

What I’m referring to is Pinterest!

Pinterest is a website similar to Tumblr (another cite I often go on nowadays) where you can “pin” cites you like and share them with other people. With Pinterest, you can also “repin” cites and store them in different categories called boards. Within these boards, you can organize your favourite pins.

For example, on my Pinterest account, I have a few boards, like Cupcakes, Macarons, Cool Design Stuff, and Sushi. These boards can be anything you want!! How cool is that?!

I have been on Pinterest quite often lately just looking at other artists’ work and getting some new design ideas for upcoming projects.

I highly recommend checking out Pinterest!