Finding Styles on

Lately, I’ve been spending a good chunk of my Internet time on, a website for people to showcase and discover creative work. It’s a great website for designers who want recognition in their work from other people for potential jobs. Obviously, I signed up so I can get more exposure to other people’s successful work. For example, I started following andersdenkend, a graphic and editorial design company based in Germany. Some of the projects on the profile include:

This project really interested me because I quite like the style of the work. Therefore, I decided to experiment in Adobe Illustrator and I came up with this:

My Sweetheart

Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere, so embrace it while you can 🙂

Sharing Studio Space

When it comes to sharing studio space or materials for that matter, I’m usually not too thrilled in sharing my stuff. I often find that when I trust certain people with my belongings, I think they’re going to return in the same state as before… this is not always the case.

So here’s what I tell them before they start using my space or stuff:

So, before you start borrowing people’s things, keep in mind that this is how they truly feel.