I’m sure that not many people have heard about OCADU before. Honestly, I didn’t know about it until I was in grade 10 in art class. My teacher handed out these Contact magazines for photography and I flipped through to a page about the university. From that point, my interest in the school increased.


The Ontario College of Art and Design University was established in 1878 and is currently a very well-known art and design school in Toronto. With three faculties, art, design and liberal studies, it offers creative freedom and training into a specialized field of study. For example, the faculty of design incorporates advertising, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, environmental design, and Material Arts and Design (MAaD for short). when my classmates heard about this, some were jealous because it was so specific, even for first year.

The reason why I decided to apply to be a student at OCADU is because the programs there are very specific and very competitive. Not only would I be learning in a creative environment, but also a competitive one to really push myself in the program. I did consider going to York University for the same type of program, but it was another factor that swayed my decision: the student body and professors. I’m not saying anything negative about York because it is a great school; just not the one for me. I felt at home at OCAD and found the new students very friendly and eager to be there. The professors were insightful and encouraged forming relationships between prof and student. I felt relieved hearing this because I know that I would have to ask or help if I need it, so hearing that they were willing to form that connection increased my love for the school more.

I am very excited to begin my first semester at OCAD University! For anyone who wants to apply to a school for anything in the arts or design, OCAD is definitely a school to consider!