HitRECord – A Target Hit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one incredible DUDE!! Not only does he act in ridiculously amazing films, he has also created a collaborative production company called HitRecord.

HitRECord is an online community for artists, videographers, musicians, and anyone in between to submit their work and have other people “remix” their stuff.

Not sure what I mean by that? Watch the first episode of HitRECord on TV and see for yourself 🙂

500 Days of Summer Title Sequence

Hey fellow readers!

Its time for the post I’ve been dying to write about: My Title Sequence Assignment.

Here’s the brief I received from by professor
– In Title Sequence, you will create a new title sequence (also known as opening credits) for an existing film of your choosing. This introductory sequence is intended to (fictionally) replace the movie’s original opening credits. This assignment will demonstrate your knowledge of narrative, sequence, cinematic techniques and exhibit your ability to skillfully convey original concept.

So, I started off making a storyboard:

Nicole Clarizio-Title Sequence Storyboard


I ended up not completely following my storyboard (sorry folks no kissing in this video).


But here is my final video for you viewing pleasure. I ended up using Adobe After Effects for the clip editing and Adobe Premier to put the clips together!

So enjoy 500 Days of Summer: Title Sequence

And that is my Title Sequence Assignment!

Now I want to make title sequences for other movies… MMMUUUUAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!