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Hey everyone! Nicky here 🙂

This summer so far has been a mix of relaxation and a good amount of hard work. At my summer placement at Formative Innovations Inc. the skills that I am gaining and the work I have completed is amazing! From projects such as web design, branding, video production, editing, and layout design, I worked hard to complete them while acquiring new techniques and ways of thinking.

With this being said, I am able to place some of the work I did on my portfolio, including a few web pages I drafted and helped develop.

Check out the link below to see what Ive been doing:

Working Girl (Life in a Corporate Job) Part: 1

Hey there fellow readers!

Recently, I was going through my blog posts and noticed something of a shock to me… I HAVE NOT IN ANY OF MY BLOG POSTS MENTIONED MY 2013 SUMMER JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
(This may be because I’m a pretty modest individual, but in this case I’m just going to brag a little so bear with me).

This summer, I luckily landed a job as a summer student at Manulife Financial in Toronto. Basically, this large life insurance company operates in Canada and Asia as “Manulife Financial” and in the U.S.A through its John Hancock division.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “What is a Graphic Designer doing in an insurance company??” Believe me, a few people have asked me that question.

Let me explain.

I am working in the Marketing Department of Manulife Financial, but with the Creative Team!

What does the Creative Team do?

They create the necessary design elements someone in the department may need. For example, someone could ask for a booklet or a flyer or a poster and the Creative Team will put it together.

However, since I am a summer student who just started working last week, I’m editing typographical changes to documents, setting up documents for production, and securing pdf files.

I’m sure more is to come while I’m a Working Girl so I’ll keep posting about the job.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.58.30 PM

My Business Card

I have been asking myself this particular question recently… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO DURING THE SUMMER????

This does seem like a far off idea considering Christmas hasn’t happened yet, but in order to have something in place for summer, the planning has to begin now. The reason is simple: the good jobs will be gone.

Yes, I am planning on working somewhere during my summer break for money (of course) and for work experience. I do not have any intention of recreating my previous summer which consisted of doing nothing productive. Therefore, I need to form a plan of action.

Since complaining to my parents hasn’t gotten me anywhere, I have decided to put my name out into the world. Sure, I have my blog and that definitely has sparked some interest in people, but I need to start networking with designers.

In the design world, knowing different designers will help in future job opportunities. As well, getting your name out to potential clients is also a good idea.

So here is my business card I designed today. All I need to do now is print it out.

Front of Business Card

Back of Business Card