Paint Chip Dress

The Dress

Paint Chips

Have you ever wanted to wear a garment that had paint chips on it?

Luckily for my friend, Sarah, she was able to wear my Paint Chip Dress I had made for my application portfolio.

When preparing a portfolio, the key is creating pieces that stand out and are not common. This way, the professors will remember you when reviewing other applicants and comparing who is more creative and innovative. I had planned on incorporating paint chips into one of my pieces into something but I didn’t know in what and how I would do it. Finally, after much thought, I dreamed up a sketch of the paint chips being the main element of a dress.

To make my dress, I gathered paint chips from a local paint store. (Lucky for me, the employees there didn’t mind that I was stealing the chips.) Then I purchased a cheap black tube dress and glued the cut up chips onto the dress using a glue gun. The process was long and somewhat tedious but I couldn’t complain because it was my own project.

It took a lot of work and a lot of preparation to create something so creative and definitely noticeable. I showed this piece to two of my portfolio interviews earlier this year and really impressed the professors. They found it compelling and thoughtful to compile paint chips into a garment like this one. This, for me, was very unexpected because designing garments was never something i had envisioned doing and doing well for that matter. Who knows? Maybe the Paint Chip Dress will become a popular thing to wear.