Valentine’s and Reading Week

This week is Reading Week; the week-long break most university students have during 2nd semester to take time to relax.

Well… that is the theory…

Really, at OCAD i find, reading week is when professors think “Oh my students have a week off! Let’s give them extra work because they have time!”

… WTF??!!

I think I can speak on behalf of the OCAD student body that this idea is S.T.U.P.I.D. considering the school got a bad rep last fall about more than half the students were depressed or had some other mental health issue…

Not really a good idea to create more stress is it??

Anyways, the day that started Reading Week, surprisingly, was Valentine’s Day. In retrospect, Valentine’s was perfect timing this year; starts on reading week, was on a Friday… therefore very ideal for couples to express their love to one another (or singles to buy discounted chocolate for the weekend to drown their loneliness…).

This year I was not a loner on Valentine’s…

Yes… I had a date đŸ™‚