HitRECord – A Target Hit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one incredible DUDE!! Not only does he act in ridiculously amazing films, he has also created a collaborative production company called HitRecord.

HitRECord is an online community for artists, videographers, musicians, and anyone in between to submit their work and have other people “remix” their stuff.

Not sure what I mean by that? Watch the first episode of HitRECord on TV and see for yourself 🙂

Marked 1st place for “Marked”

I don’t think anything is as exciting as this (well, in this particular moment in my lifetime)! In my last year at Havergal College, I partook in a stop motion production with seven other classmates in my Communication Technology class. Along with the guidance of my teacher Mr M. or Mrm, we created a piece I believed was worthy of submission to an animation festival.

So now, over a year later, I receive an email from Mrm two days ago with joyous news:

Marked won best stop motion animation at the Toronto International Student Animation Festival!

How incredible is that?? A collaboration I was a part of won best stop motion! I just feel awesome that all the hard work has paid off and clearly other people enjoy the film.

You can view it here:


As an FYI, the last clip of “Marked” dropping the banana was one of the clips I animated myself 🙂