Better than POP-Tarts cuz its POP-Up!

Hey readers!


Within the last little while, I’ve been studying for my one exam and getting myself ready for my presentation tomorrow night (more info on that will come in a following post so hang in there). Needless to say, things have been especially busy!

I’ve also been working on a special book for my Communication class this semester. Our final assignment was to create a process book of all the projects we created and turn them into something totally different. So, for my book I decided to make pop up pages.

Here’s what the book looks like:

ImageImage ImageImage Image

I’m especially proud of this book because I tried a new binding technique and successfully made pop ups that work!

Hopefully, my professor enjoys looking through my book and sees the hard work I put into this 🙂





Hello Norman

Hey fellow readers!

This post has been long overdue, mainly because my life has been hectic as ever, but now that I’m finally finished 1st semester of 2nd year (AH YES!) I have newly found free time to write this 🙂

This story starts in September, when I met a newly found friend Shannon at a party I went to. About a week after, I received a message from her asking if I would help her create a book about her INCREDIBLY CUTE sheepdog named Norman. After a couple of minutes to process what I had read, I quickly agreed and the project commenced 🙂

Together we planned each illustration, all 10 of them, and discussed the overall look/feel of the book. Right away, I began my first paid freelance job.

Finally on November 12, 2013, I completed all the illustrations, helped Shannon layout the book pages, and received my very first payment!!!!!

So, here are a few snippets of the illustrations I made:

Norman Dog Illustrations

Norman Dog Illustrations Norman Dog Illustrations

Now, I have my very own copy of the book!

Here’s the link to where you can order yourself a copy of this lovely children’s book and I illustrated:


Buy a copy!