A Must Watch

Well fellow readers, I’ll keep this post brief and direct.

CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://theshuv.blogspot.ca/2013/07/the-shuvs-made-to-murder-promo_17.html

If you click the link, magical things will happen! You will discover something truly exciting! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!! (LOL I’m too excited for my own good… this is what happens when I share/spread the word about stuff that’s just awesome!)

Anyways, before I lose my mind, and readers for that matter, I’ll give a brief explanation of where the link will take you.
I mentioned in a previous post about one of my best friends from school, Moe. Along with his incredible talent of drawing and design, he also has a knack at video editing and production.

I will say no more and let you experience it for yourselves.

You won’t be disappointed trust me 🙂

Packaging Bottled Water


This is a post about my water bottle packaging, probably one of my favourite projects of first year!

The task was to make labels for two water bottles based on two regions, so I chose Norway and Chile. As well, the designs had to be based on a folktale or a story specific to that region.

Here are the designs I came up with:

Water Bottle Designs

Water Bottle Design

Water Bottle Design


I took the photographs of my bottles in the photo studio with my best friend Moe, who is in the same year as me!!

You can check out his work here: http://theshuv.blogspot.ca

I highly recommend it 🙂