(Minor) Alice in Wonderland


I don’t think I have mentioned this important information in any of my posts so I’m just going to go ahead and reveal my exciting news:

I have signed up to take a minor!!

The minor I will try to complete is Communication Design, which involves all the 2D areas: Graphic Design, Advertising, and Illustration. Since I’m already majoring in Graphic Design, I am going to be focusing on the Advertising and Illustration courses. I am quite exhilarated to start, although my workload will be HORRENDOUS!! Oh well, Art for Art’s Sake right?

Also, since I will be taking Illustration courses, I thought I would briefly practise my skills with this quick illustration of Alice in Wonderland.


More to come soon ūüôā



I used to not enjoy reading books. This was partly because I had a hard time trying to physically read the story, not because I didn’t enjoy the story. Now, I not only read books, but I buy some with my own money! (Usually I have my parents pay for them for me but not always). The kinds of books I buy are not novels though, they are informative books about subjects that interest me. I have one called¬†Guide to Masterpieces of Rome,¬†The Manga Guide to Statistics,¬†Chinese Characters,¬†The Frick Collection, and there are others, believe me.

One of them I bought a couple of days ago called¬†THE DESIGN ENTREPRENEUR: Turning Graphic Design Into Goods That Sell¬†by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico and just started reading. In the book’s 240 pages contain a structure with introductions followed by a series of case studies, containing an interview with each designer and photos of finished products and inspirations. The main idea is about the entrepreneurial process and working for yourself.

Designers know well of the unfortunate truth about their work: Clients are pests!

Yes, I said it. It makes perfect sense though. A client comes to you for you artistic capabilities and visions, but somehow manages to decrease your design to mediocrity. Does any designer want their design to only be… dare I say… COMMON??!!

Hell no!!

This book  basically says to screw clients and design things for yourself and also make some money in the process.

THE DESIGN ENTREPRENEUR¬†offers a lot of insight into the wonderful world of creative freedom and gives hope to those wishing for this freedom. The steps are outlined very bluntly so someone with a low IQ or with no knowledge of entrepreneurship can understand the contents. As well, there are 53 interviews with designer D.I.Y.ing (do it yourself-ing), giving the reader a more ‘real’ outlook.

Overall, this book gave me an optimistic view on what my future could potentially result as. I honestly have no experience with dealing with clients but I do have a fear of certain types of clients like these (I can clearly picture these monsters in my head and they freak me out sometimes!):

The Rich Bitch: the extremely wealthy stuck-up woman who is so critical, even the smallest speck is detected.

The Indecisive Jackass: the slump of a man who can’t make up his damn mind!

The Chatty SHUT THE HELL UP Person: a woman or a man who just won’t shut up! I’m sorry, but I don’t need to know everything about you!

The Brat: the person who cares about nothing but his/her own selfish self.

The Late Payer: enough said.

So basically I’m pretty convinced that being an entrepreneur is a more fulfilling path to go down. Is it hard work?

Read the book and find out for yourself.