Random Illustrations by Anna Dittmann

These illustrations are just wonderful! With artists making digital art like Anna Dittmann, this is something that I would to work on.

Random Illustrations by Anna Dittmann.

via Random Illustrations by Anna Dittmann.

Marked 1st place for “Marked”

I don’t think anything is as exciting as this (well, in this particular moment in my lifetime)! In my last year at Havergal College, I partook in a stop motion production with seven other classmates in my Communication Technology class. Along with the guidance of my teacher Mr M. or Mrm, we created a piece I believed was worthy of submission to an animation festival.

So now, over a year later, I receive an email from Mrm two days ago with joyous news:

Marked won best stop motion animation at the Toronto International Student Animation Festival!

How incredible is that?? A collaboration I was a part of won best stop motion! I just feel awesome that all the hard work has paid off and clearly other people enjoy the film.

You can view it here:


As an FYI, the last clip of “Marked” dropping the banana was one of the clips I animated myself 🙂


A Must Watch

Well fellow readers, I’ll keep this post brief and direct.

CLICK ON THIS LINK: http://theshuv.blogspot.ca/2013/07/the-shuvs-made-to-murder-promo_17.html

If you click the link, magical things will happen! You will discover something truly exciting! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!! (LOL I’m too excited for my own good… this is what happens when I share/spread the word about stuff that’s just awesome!)

Anyways, before I lose my mind, and readers for that matter, I’ll give a brief explanation of where the link will take you.
I mentioned in a previous post about one of my best friends from school, Moe. Along with his incredible talent of drawing and design, he also has a knack at video editing and production.

I will say no more and let you experience it for yourselves.

You won’t be disappointed trust me 🙂

Finding Styles on Behance.net

Lately, I’ve been spending a good chunk of my Internet time on behance.net, a website for people to showcase and discover creative work. It’s a great website for designers who want recognition in their work from other people for potential jobs. Obviously, I signed up so I can get more exposure to other people’s successful work. For example, I started following andersdenkend, a graphic and editorial design company based in Germany. Some of the projects on the profile include:

This project really interested me because I quite like the style of the work. Therefore, I decided to experiment in Adobe Illustrator and I came up with this:

My Sweetheart

Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere, so embrace it while you can 🙂

My Roman Holiday with Bernini

Rome Trip March 2011

I like going on trips like any other person. The feeling of getting off that airplane you’ve been sitting in for hours and walking on foreign ground is just an exhilarating feeling. Honestly, the one thing I enjoy most is visiting a new place. This reminds me of the trip I took last year to Rome, Italy with 9 other students and 2 school teachers.

Rome is probably one of my favourite cities I have ever visited in my life thus far. Apart from the fabulous food, like their paninis, pastas, and pizzas, what I enjoyed most was the art.

It seemed like every where I went, there was something Bernini. If you don’t know who or what Bernini is, you obviously haven’t been to Rome before. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was an Italian artist who worked primarily in Rome as the leading sculptor of his age. He created many sculptures, much of which are featured in museums, churches, and fountains.

What I particularly enjoy in Bernini’s works are his representations of dramatic and dynamic moments. For example, the Apollo and Daphne (1622-1625) statue depicts the moment of Daphne’s transformation from a nymph into a tree, a true moment of change, which is difficult to sculpt. Another example is the Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (1647-1652) in the Santa Maria della Vittoria. Immediately when I saw the statue, I was in awe. Seeing something so majestic and heavenly is a feeling I have trouble describing.

The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

If you have the opportunity to travel to a new place, I would definitely recommend going to Rome, Italy, especially if you like art history.


I’m sure that not many people have heard about OCADU before. Honestly, I didn’t know about it until I was in grade 10 in art class. My teacher handed out these Contact magazines for photography and I flipped through to a page about the university. From that point, my interest in the school increased.


The Ontario College of Art and Design University was established in 1878 and is currently a very well-known art and design school in Toronto. With three faculties, art, design and liberal studies, it offers creative freedom and training into a specialized field of study. For example, the faculty of design incorporates advertising, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, environmental design, and Material Arts and Design (MAaD for short). when my classmates heard about this, some were jealous because it was so specific, even for first year.

The reason why I decided to apply to be a student at OCADU is because the programs there are very specific and very competitive. Not only would I be learning in a creative environment, but also a competitive one to really push myself in the program. I did consider going to York University for the same type of program, but it was another factor that swayed my decision: the student body and professors. I’m not saying anything negative about York because it is a great school; just not the one for me. I felt at home at OCAD and found the new students very friendly and eager to be there. The professors were insightful and encouraged forming relationships between prof and student. I felt relieved hearing this because I know that I would have to ask or help if I need it, so hearing that they were willing to form that connection increased my love for the school more.

I am very excited to begin my first semester at OCAD University! For anyone who wants to apply to a school for anything in the arts or design, OCAD is definitely a school to consider!

Works of Picasso

Pablo Picasso

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

The summer of 2007, my family and I took a vacation to Paris for two weeks. Before leaving, I didn’t really know what to expect, except for many tours of tourist attractions and museums. During the trip, the weather did not cooperate with rain and cold temperatures each day, but my expectations on the museums were met.I went to Musee du Louvre, Musee de l’Orangerie, Musee d’Orsay, Musee du Luxembourg, and finally Musee Picasso (the most interesting one).

While we were at Musee Picasso, I kept hearing my mom say, “This is something a 5 year-old would make. Why is Picasso so famous?” Apart from the fact that it got very annoying to hear her say this every couple of minutes, she did have me thinking about Picasso as an artist. How did he become famous? Why is there a museum dedicated to his so-called masterpieces? After this year, I learned more about Picasso through my art history seminars and finally understood the secret to his success.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist during the 20th century. Interestingly, he demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in his early years and a passion for drawing. He received training and was sent to the Royal Academy of San Fernando at the age of 16. His work started as very realistic and technical, then became strongly influenced by African sculpture. While African artifacts were being brought to Paris museums and Picasso experienced a “revelation” while viewing this artwork, later painting Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (considered the first Cubist work). He then developed a style of painting from this called Analytic Cubism with Georges Braque. This involved taking apart objects and analyzing them in terms of their shapes. He later, nearing World War II, moved into surrealism creating, arguably, his most famous work Guernica (a depiction of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War).

Picasso was a very smart artist. He not only knew how to technically create realistic art, but knew the styles of the changing periods and what was popular at the time. That was probably why he became famous because of his ability to adapt to the changing trends of society at the time, almost like he was a chameleon.

Luckily for me, the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) is having an exhibition called PICASSO: Masterpieces From The Musee National Picasso, Paris. It will feature 147 works from the museum until August, 2012. I am planning on visiting the exhibition to remember the works I saw 5 years ago. I’m planning on taking my mom (although she may repeat what she did last time) so I can share my new-found knowledge of Picasso. Maybe she will appreciate the artist like I have.



Last October, I, with my school, traveled by bus to New York City. If you have been there before and remember your first time visiting that amazing city, you would understand how excited I was. New York City is the central place in the world known for creativity and wonder. The trip consisted of the show Priscilla Queen of the Desert, shopping in SoHo, Times Square, dinners out, pretzels, Central Park, Magnolia cupcakes, and, of course, galleries visits! One gallery that I went to was called the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA for short.)

The Museum of Modern Art was developed in 1928 by Abby Adrich Rockefeller. She with her two friends rented a space for the museum in the Heckscher Building in Manhattan and opened it on November 7, 1929, nine days after the Wall Street Crash. It was America’s #1 museum exclusively to modern art. The museum has an extensive collection which offers works of architecture, design, drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, and electronic media.

While I was there, I purchased a book called MoMA Highlights and in the introduction it says, “For some, the Museum is a cherished place, a sanctuary in the heart of midtown Manhattan. For others, it is an idea represented by its collection and amplified by its exhibition program. For still others, the Museum is a laboratory of learning, a place where the most challenging and difficult art of our time can be measured against the achievements of the immediate past.” This piece of the introduction stood out for me because the MoMa is a different experience for everyone, especially for myself. My grade nine art teacher even commented on how happy I appeared throughout the museum viewing.

While observing all of the pieces, there were a few that I really liked and was excited to see. The museum’s collection is considered the best collection of modern Western masterpieces in the world, and includes more than 150,000 individual pieces considered important and familiar. I saw Claude Monet‘s Water Lilies (1914), an oil painting depicting his Japanese-style pond covered with water lilies. When I travelled to Paris, France the summer of 2007, I went to the MusĂ©e de l’Orangerie where his other paintings are featured. Seeing another one at the MoMA reminded me of my early appreciation of art history, and how amazing it is to view a painting in person. I also saw Vincent Van Gogh‘s Starry Night (1889), which I was the most eager to see. The Post-Impressionist painting is very well-known and memorable, so being able to now say that I have seen it feels great.

Overall, seeing the MoMA is definitely an experience I will cherish from my trip to New York City. To be in a place surrounded by modern artworks was inspiring for me as an artist and makes me push myself further. The next time I travel to New York in the future, I will definitely return to the MoMA and feel the excitement I felt before.

Me in Paris, 2007 (left)
Me in New York, 2012 (right)

Van Gogh's Starry Night