Studio Snowpuppe | Origami glow

So beautiful!


Our one-year-old puts it pretty aptly when he points and squeals a protracted ‘wooaw’    everytime he enters his room. He’s not looking at anything except his chestnut gold lampshade with wondrous big eyes. He’s not the only one.

You can spend hours devouring the Snowpuppe website. Stunning images of graduating colour, geometric forms and lightweight exacting standards greet you. In short, a treat of the very best kind!

In their own words ‘Studio Snowpuppe is a happy, colourful and independent studio from The Hague’. Creative duo architect Nellianna van den Baard and industrial designer Kenneth Veenenbos founded the studio in 2010 and create folded paper lampshades by hand using small-scale production techniques.

Studio Snowpuppe

The shapes created are sculptural and architectural, they hint at nature but are clean for a modern aesthetic with precise detailed folds. Using natural materials, the paper filters the cold light of energy-saving bulbs, transforming them…

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