Form & Space: A Paper Thing

As an introduction to the exploration of 3D forms, I was challenged with developing a series of unique forms, demonstrating the evolution of a selected form through sequence, and finally exploring the building of a structure through repetition.

This project consisted of 3 parts, using paper as the main material (luckily I didn’t receive any paper cuts).

Part 1: The Exploration of Forms
Task – create 10 different forms out of square pieces of paper. aka, MAKE WHATEVER CRAP YOU WANT!


Part 2: The Evolution of Form Through Sequence
Task – Pick a form you created from Part 1 and create a sequence of steps as to how you made that form.


Part 3: The Structure
Task – Take that form, make multiples, and create some messed up structure…



IMG_0289 IMG_0291

And that is my paper assignment… A PAPER THING!

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