Making Art A Personal Statement

I am reblogging a blog post I wrote over a year ago about something I felt in Middle School. In the post, there is a picture of a painting I made called “Suicide”, illustrating the harmful methods suicidal people use to release their sadness/depression, anger, etc. Within the Artist Statement I wrote about the fact that the bullying targeted at me resulted in me thinking suicidal thoughts.

This was a difficult step for me to move forward from this experience and am grateful for the support of my friends at the time.

Now, over a year later, I can say that I am in a good place… an excellent place in my life. I have made a multitude of friends, some whom I know care about me and accept me for who I choose to be 🙂

I do cry, but the tears are more from the joy I have in my heart and I thank God for giving me strength through the lowest point of my life.

Thanks to everyone for the on-going support; I really appreciate it 🙂

Finding Harmony in Art and Design

This is a painting I completed in February using Acrylic on canvas. The task was to choose a social issue in the world today and create a visual representation of the issue. While people were deciding to do racism, greenhouse gases, sex, etc. I was stumbling on what issue I would portray. For me, I wanted to take the opportunity to express something personal and meaningful through my painting and picking the right issue was really difficult. I initially wanted to paint about Learning Disabilities, but I didn’t think it would create an impact. I needed something offsetting, disturbing almost. So, I decided to use the issue of Teen Suicide.

The idea came to me through a friend I met at camp, who told me that because of his being bullied at school, he started becoming suicidal and started slitting his wrists. I felt very bad after he told me…

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