My Business Card

I have been asking myself this particular question recently… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO DURING THE SUMMER????

This does seem like a far off idea considering Christmas hasn’t happened yet, but in order to have something in place for summer, the planning has to begin now. The reason is simple: the good jobs will be gone.

Yes, I am planning on working somewhere during my summer break for money (of course) and for work experience. I do not have any intention of recreating my previous summer which consisted of doing nothing productive. Therefore, I need to form a plan of action.

Since complaining to my parents hasn’t gotten me anywhere, I have decided to put my name out into the world. Sure, I have my blog and that definitely has sparked some interest in people, but I need to start networking with designers.

In the design world, knowing different designers will help in future job opportunities. As well, getting your name out to potential clients is also a good idea.

So here is my business card I designed today. All I need to do now is print it out.

Front of Business Card

Back of Business Card

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