C for Crayons

This is a post I’ve been meaning to put up for sometime but have completely forgot to do this.

I have put this off for too too long!

This is something you should know about me, in terms of my blogging anyway. On some occasions, there will be a blog post that I want to write, let’s say one about kittens. I will get excited to write this post about kittens… but then… I get distracted… Usually it’s not my fault. School comes in the way and that comes first in my mind (sorry blog followers but you guys come second).

Finally here is my post about another project I completed for my Typography class, actually a project I did before my Logo of my Initials. The task was to create a 3-Dimensional sculpture of the letter of your last name (in my case I had the letter C) using any medium you wanted.

I decided to use crayons! So I went to the Dollar Store, picked up some crayola crayons, and made this:

C for Crayon

Got an ‘A’ on this assignment so I’m quite pleased with the results 🙂

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