Drawing Up a Storm

Today, I had my drawing class in the morning at 8:30am. Not only is the prof extremely tough when it comes to marking and critiquing, but the whole concept of drawing is a challenge in itself. Although I’m passing the class with a 70% average, I still want to improve my skills.

The exercise in class was to draw the male model (not nude thankfully. I don’t have a problem with a nude guy or anything, I was just not in the mood to draw that…) clothed and draw a hand.

The hand drawing was quite complex because not only did I have to include the shading of the flesh, I had to visualize the structure of the bones in the hand and include that in the drawing!!!! Thankfully, he drew an example on the chalkboard so I basically copied that into my drawing.

Here’s what the final drawing looked like:


This was done on newsprint and drawn with charcoal.

Next week, I think we will be drawing portraits, which I’m very excited about!!

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