Making a Mandala

What is a mandala?

Simply but, a mandala is a circular, radial design traditionally found in celtic and indian artwork.

What does mandalas have to do with me?

Well, I have to design one and then paint it.

Here is what I have to do:

First, come up with a design. For that, I just started randomly drawing out thumbnails and researching examples of mandalas. I finally came up with a design I am happy with.

Here is the design:


The next step is deciding what colour I am going to use and how I am going to incorporate tone and saturation within the mandala. Basically, I am going with the colour blue and using a gradient of saturated blue for the middle and a gradient of blues for the outer parts of the design.

Here’s what the final mandala looks like:

And here is my artist statement:

Mandalas are a circular design often made for religious, sacred significance. Therefore it was not a surprise that our assignment was to base our mandala design on one of the seven chakras derived from the Indian Sanskrit. I, firstly, decided to base my design on the seventh chakra, violet, however, my final design portrayed more of the fifth chakra, sky blue. This chakra is located in the throat and relates to communication. My design echoes this through the gradations of tints and shades, resembling sound waves. This was main aspect of the chakra I wanted to focus on in my design, to create the sense of a “ripple effect” moving outwards from the center. I feel that my mandala design effectively portrays the fifth chakra, sky blue.

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