Finding TYPE

One of my courses for this semester is called TYPOGRAPHY, the study of typefaces essentially. So far, I enjoy my professor and the first project that was assigned the first day of class: TYPE

For this project, the goal was to find the letters that spell the word TYPE out in the streets of Toronto. He gave us the example of the CN Tower, and how it is the letter I.

With this in mind, I began looking as soon as class ended, luckily finding pipes forming a P. Quickly I snapped a picture with my iPhone and continued to find pipes that formed the other three letters. Soon enough, I had all my pictures.

The goal of this project was to get used to seeing everyday objects take form into letters, so we can create our own typeface in the world around us.

Here is what my project looks like:Image

I hope my prof likes it 🙂

Elements of Design


I haven’t written a post in FOREVER!!!! I feel so bad for not adding another post sooner, but uni life is just so busy 🙂

What have I learned at OCADU so far? Well, lots of things, but probably the most important thing would be the elements of design:

  • dot
  • line
  • plane
  • texture
  • volume
  • space
  • colour
  • can’t remember the last one… 

Using the first elements of design (dot, line, plane) we had to create an image using each element. 

This is what I did:

(This was made in Illustrator)


When in Doubt, Sketch!

The stereotypical artist/designer:

  1. funked up hipster clothing
  2. crazy hair

3. on the list is the most important tool for any creative individual.

Why is this?

It helps to recollect inspiration around you.

I have heard people say to carry a sketchbook wherever you go, and I may just take them up on that suggestion. Considering that I live in a diverse and unique city, many interesting things may occur and I may want to remember those things I see, hear, etc. You can do a quick doodle or a full on drawing, just as long as you place it on the paper is better than nothing.

Here is the stack of my sketchbooks:

my stack of used sketchbooks

And here is a drawing I made for my cover page for my Grade 12 Art sketchbook (Andy Warhol inspired and I used my Promarkers of course 😀 )

Campbell’s Sketchbook Soup