Black Swan

From just looking at the title, you may be wondering if this post will be about the move Black Swan (2010). Although I thoroughly enjoy that movie, that is not why my post is titled that. So what other reasons are there?

Well, the Black Swan is my alter ego.

Before I continue, an alter ego is a second self, derived from Latin “the other I”. My former art teacher explained that an alter ego could be an identity completely opposite to yours or an extension of yourself. A clear example, I would say, would be the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the exploration of good and evil existing within one individual at war.

In my art class last year, a project we had to complete was to find your alter ego and draw it out. I had thought about it a while and came to this conclusion:

My alter ego is indeed that Black Swan.

The idea came to me after watching the film, where the main character Nina, like Dr. Jekyll, is overcome by her evil self during a production of the Swan Lake Ballet. I felt like I was looking myself in the mirror as I watched her. Nina was innocent, naive, observant, diligent, and hard-working. However, that was not enough to perform the Black Swan role as well as the White Swan. I do see myself as the White Swan, just generally in my everyday interactions with other people. I knew that this would be the perfect choice for my project, and my classmates and teacher agreed.

I first began with a photo shoot of myself as the Black Swan. I made the obvious choice of using the film’s poster as a reference:

Black Swan Poster (2010)

So I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought cheap cheap make-up, applied the stuff during lunch hour, and proceeded to achieve these photographs taken by my best friend.

I ended up going with this one:

So after selecting this pic, I decided that I would photoshop a crown on my head, like in the poster. Then, I placed a grid over top the image and printed it off. The paper I used was a bristol board and decided against charcoal and picked graphite pencils and two-headed stumps as my drawing utensils of choice.

So, after hours of work during my spare time I finished another drawing for my portfolio.

Here it is:

Black Swan Alter Ego

That is my alter ego. What is yours?