Toothpick Tree

I really should have written this post a while ago about another project I completed for my university portfolio interview. Before I even began making anything, I thought long and hard about what I could create that would help me stand out. I had wanted to pay tribute to the environment, particularly useless products made from trees, but didn’t how to visually. Finally, I decided to make a tree using nothing but toothpicks an glue.

Excitedly I trotted to the store and got about two packs of 250 toothpicks and some white glue . I had only happy thoughts about this project.

Expectation: This is going to be a piece of cake! No Problem!


While completing the tree, I realized that the process was rather tedious, almost unbearable! Honestly, it was such a time-consuming task. The constant routine of taking a toothpick, putting glue on it, and holding it in place was really took its toll on my patience. If you ask anyone who was around me while I was working would agree that I became a little bit irritable. “WHY ME??!! WHY DID I EVER DECIDE TO F***ING DO THIS??!!”

Luckily, I placed the final piece of toothpick and declared that my tree was finished! (I think I heard the Hallelujah chorus and a light shine upon me). In all seriousness, I was glad the hard work was done.

After completing my toothpick tree, I met up with my art teacher and asked for help with photographing my pieces for my portfolio interview. I brought in my artwork and photographed them. Here is the photo of my tree I took:

When it came time for my interviews, the professors who interviewed me were quite impressed with my work, and definitely became intrigued in my toothpick tree, saying it was one of my strongest pieces.

Overall, the project was a success! Although I felt frustrated and irritated during the process, I do feel now that it was worth the agony. If you are going to attempt a project like this, don’t quit! Believe me, seeing the end result is amazing.

My tree is now sitting on top a coat closet underneath a window. It has a constant spotlight because it is just that awesome!