Black Hole of Rain – Poem

This is a poem I wrote for my English class:


Black Hole of Rain



It has been raining mostly,

Clouds hover darkly,                         winds rustle the trees

In constant streams. Distant lights from the street

Flicker and vanish.

Standing by the door, chills creep through its crack

Tickling my spine.

A rumble escalates as it passes overhead,

Pans and is gone,                         then pans again

Till I’m left with patters of raindrops

like ticks of multiple clocks.


Here I pray that none whom I once loved

Is dying or lying still awake as I,

Solitary, listening to this rain.

How can I find you

When lightning threatens a safe return,

When waterfalls drench life bare?

This world seems more beautiful,

More luscious, more loveable,

When sun lights, clears this pain

Of uncertainty.

As I wait here, hoping you return again,

I stare into a black hole of rain.

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