Adobe Illustrator

This year, I have been excitedly using a software application made especially for drawing on the computer called Adobe Illustrator. I’m sure you have heard about its relative Adobe Photoshop and assume that Illustrator is very similar. In fact, this assumption is a false testament of Illustrator’s true power and its secret weapon Photoshop does not acquire. While Adobe Photoshop works using pixels, Illustrator takes a different direction.

Illustrator gives designers a creative freedom, so they can focus on what they want to create rather than how to do it. The secret weapon on how they can achieve this? Vector graphics- a way to draw objects using points, lines, curves, and shapes.

This software has altered the face of graphic design, advertising, and the media forever. It is hard to get through a day without seeing the influence of Illustrator.

Here are some examples of some work I have done using Illustrator.

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